Bid-Ninja has Three Distinct Core Products

  1. ANALYTICS: Gives you a complete picture of the product you’re bidding on as well as the bidders you’re playing against. This vital information will be right at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed & decisive decisions, and win more auctions.
  2. BIDBUDDY®: Allows you to reliably bid at exactly the time you want and within the other parameters you’ve set. You can now win auctions even while away from the computer. No more worrying about missing that one big opportunity because you had to grab something to eat, run to the restroom, or put the kids to bed!
  3. AUCTION TRACKER: Gives you instant and immediate access to a complete list of every auction on QuiBids, DealDash, Beezid, and MadBid, including hidden auctions that have been removed from public view.

The latest tab shows you all the most important information required to make better decisions, like each users win rate, how many bids they have left, if they're using real bids or voucher bids and more



Using the forever free auction tracker, you can quickly see a list of all auctions on QuiBids, DealDash or Beezid from any website anywhere