Let Bid-Ninja Better Your Game with Powerful Features

Bid-Ninja is the ultimate tool to help you win more penny auctions, and our literal thousands of users would attest to that fact.  It has a vast and powerful set of features that will allow you to slice right through your penny auction competition.

This page will show you everything Bid-Ninja has to offer… and we assure you, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing.

Worldwide Compatibility with Each of the Following Penny Auction Sites

This DealDash logo is here to demonstrate that Bid-Ninja supports DealDash
This Beezid logo is here to show that BId-Ninja supports the Beezid website

Three Distinct Parts to Bid-Ninja

Bid-Ninja has 3 “core” components: the Bid-Ninja Analytics, the Bid-Ninja AutoBidder & the Bid-Ninja Anywhere Auction Tracker.  After installing Bid-Ninja, these appear as soon as you navigate to any auction seamlessly without any interaction.  These work with QuiBids, DealDash & Beezid (functionality varies from auction site to auction site, as each auction site varies slightly in features and use).

Different Features for Each Part

We’ll go over each of these “parts” to Bid-Ninja and their individual features here on this page.  It’s important to note that each part of Bid-Ninja offers it’s own unique set of advantages.  The advantages of each component put you in the drivers seat when it comes to playing on these penny auction sites and allow you to truly slice through your competition.

Bid-Ninja Analytics

The latest tab shows you all the most important information required to make better decisions, like each users win rate, how many bids they have left, if they're using real bids or voucher bids and more

Bid-Ninja AutoBidder

This is what the AutoBidder for QuiBids, DealDash and Beezid looks like

Bid-Ninja “Anywhere” Auction Tracker

Using the forever free auction tracker, you can quickly see a list of all auctions on QuiBids, DealDash or Beezid from any website anywhere