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Wondering if QuiBids is a Scam or Not?

Nothing in in life is free, and hearing that you can get items that are worth hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the price might sound a little unnerving to most. How else could a company stay in business if they sold products at prices far less retail unless the products are knockoffs or the company is indeed a scam? Is QuiBids a scam because they offer these types of promotions to their customers? The short answer is no and here is why.

QuiBids has been accused of being a scam from users who have not done their research before jumping into their first auction. QuiBids is a business like any other company that seeks to generate profit. The way that they accomplish that and still pass on incredible savings to customers is by running a business model off a system known as penny stocks.

When you bid on a penny stock, you are agreeing to enter into a win-or-lose contest. If you don’t win an item that you bid on, you are still obligated to pay the amount of money that you bid; however, if you are the top bidder on a product, you can end up paying less than $100 for a product that costs over a thousand. Losing bids that other customers place are then used to cover the cost of the product and operating costs of QuiBids.

Those that raise the question “is QuiBids a scam? are often the ones that have lost an auction at some point or another and have lost money because they didn’t know how it worked.  Others might think it’s a scam because they simply don’t know what QuiBids is.  If you fall into that second category, we advise you check out our post on what QuiBids is.  If you learn how to bid smart and understand how the system works before jumping in the ring, you are less likely to wonder if quibids is a scam and more likely to come out successful with a brand new product that you purchased at unheard of discounts.

If you are still wondering if quibids is a scam or not, think of it this way. When you apply for a job against a competitive pool of applications, is the job a scam if you aren’t the one hired? Just because you weren’t the one hired might just mean that you were up against some applicants that had more experience or were just more aggressive in the application process.

There are two ways to increase your opportunities to win and level the playing field: one way is to do your research before hand, the second is to invest in the tools to win. Avoid the temptation to impulse bid and go after products that you really don’t want. Carefully pick and choose products that you want to win while developing an aggressive strategy to do so.

Software such as Bid Ninja can give you a better estimate of your chances by analyzing statistics associated with a specific auction and allowing you to decide whether or not you want to invest your money. In addition to their live-time analytics, their Autobidder and Auction Tracker keep everything organized by reducing the time you would have spent on the computer trying to win.

There is a short video demonstration of Bid-Ninja in action on a quibids auction here, or you can check it out below:

So the full answer of the question, “is QuiBids a scam?” comes down to how much work you are willing to put into researching the service and trying to win a product. If QuiBids were a scam, they wouldn’t have been in business for over five years at this point servicing hundreds of new customers every day. It is true that nothing in life is free, but that doesn’t mean that every opportunity that comes your way such as QuiBids falls under that category. If you take time to learn about the business model and develop a plan of action before your first bid, you’ll be that much more capable of winning your bid and walking away with everything you were promised and more.