QuiBids “Pro’s to Know” – This QuiBidder Has Placed Over $700,000 in Bids on QuiBids…Avoid Them!

In this weeks edition of QuiBids “Pro’s to Know” we’re giving you the username of a user you should avoid like the plague because they have placed over $702,000 in bid on QuiBids.  In fact, they’re statistics are pretty staggering all around…here is the list of this users stats (username of this user is shared below to our subscribers, free or paid):

Total Bids Placed: 1,171,388

Total Wins: 2,122

Total Auctions Played In: 6,905

Win Percentage Rate: 30.74%

Total Bid Spend: $702,832.80

Wins with a Retail Value Over $200: 877

These statistics are…well…staggering.  Unless you’re a truly serious QuiBids professional with a bankroll to match, you need to AVOID players like this.  Once a week we’ll be notifying you of all the usernames of users like this.  If you’re a paid Bid-Ninja user, you can submit your username to us for consideration in our weekly notification to our thousands of subscribers and website viewers.

The username of the user above, that you should be avoiding, is below (you must be logged in to view it, or you can simply watch the video below):

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Check out the video that shows you not only this weeks “pro to know” (and avoid) but where to find this information when YOU’RE using Bid-Ninja: