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Looking to score some free bids on QuiBids

Best Ways to Score Some Extra Free Bids on QuiBids

Once you have signed up for the penny auction giant, Quibids, you have a pocket full of bids, and you are able to start browsing. As you start looking and bidding, you start to think that 100 bids is not going to be enough after a while. While you have a great strategy, you know you are not going to be able to win every single item you bid on. As Christmas creeps closer and closer, it is time to start taking your bidding seriously and to get as many free bids as possible. Here are some great ways to get some free bids.

Looking to score some free bids on QuiBidsUse a Quibids Promo Code

One of the best ways to save money on anything on the Internet is to look for promo codes. A Quibids Promo Code can be found in many places. You can get one from time to time on their website. You just have to keep a look out for them. You an also type in Quibids Promo Code into any search engine, and you can find codes that are available on several sites. Sometimes these are old codes, but quite often they are not, so give it a try! You can even use a Quibids Promo Code to pay for your initial bid pack.

Play Games On Quibids Website

Quibids has a tab on their website for games that you can play if you are a member. As you play the games, you an occasionally win a few more extra bids. If you get pretty good at these games, you can rack up a substantial number of bids, and this can be a really fun way to do it. They offer several different games for you to play, and they are always adding more, so give this method a shot if you are getting low on bids.

Bid on Free Bids

For any Quibids user, this is pretty obvious. You can spend only a few of the bids you have to win a whole bunch more. Just be really careful, as it is possible that you could spend more bids than you will win, and of course, you take a big risk in not winning any at all. Decide ahead of time how many bids you are willing to shell out to try and win these extra bids, and make sure you do not waver from that decision no matter how tempting it is. You do not want to spend 30 bids to win 40. That is not worth it.

Get the Quibids Newsletter

A way to get 3 free bids is to subscribe to the Quibids Newsletter. With the newsletter, you will get three free bids, as well as updated information as to what will be auctioned coming up, what deals there are, and what great deals were obtained in that past week. You might be able to get a reduced price buy looking for a Quibids Promo Code.

Take The Quibids 101 Quiz

One of the ways Quibids tries to make sure their customers understand how this whole penny auction site thing works is to get people to read their Quibids 101 post. They offer a quiz at the end of this post that you can take, and you can win 3 free bids by doing so. It only takes a few minutes, so it is definitely worth it.

Refer A Friend

Another great way to get a bunch of free bids is to refer a friend. For every friend you get to join, you will receive 25 free bids. That can be significant, especially if you can get three or four people to sign up! When referring people, be sure to have a Quibids Promo ode available, and they might feel more inclined to heck it out and pony up the initial fee. You also want to tell them how great it is by highlighting your own successes. You an make it a sort of part-time job for a little while to convince people to sign up and say they were referred by you, and you can rack up a ton of free bids! It just takes a little salesmanship from you.

Play the Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes

Everyday on Facebook, the people at Quibids offer a sweepstakes that allows you to enter your name to win 50 free bids. All you have to do is “Like” their page on Facebook, got to the Free Bids App under their cover picture on the Quibids page, and fill in the sweepstakes form. It is short and simple and easy, and available to you every single day. Obviously you are not going to win every day, but even if you only win one, that is 50 free bids that only took a few minutes a day to get.

Quibids also offers a daily sweepstakes on Twitter. Start following @Quibids and every time you see #Free Bids, retweet or comment on the tweet and you will automatically be entered to win the drawing. Just like with the Facebook contest, if you just take a few minutes a day, your chances of winning increases, and you should get the 50 free bids eventually, if not more than once.

Buying Products From The Quibids Store

Everytime you buy something from the Quibids store, you are given free bids. If tere is a product you want to get and you did not win, you can at least gain a few more free bids buy purchasing at the store. There may even be a Quibids Promo Code for items at the store, so you and get the items you were going to buy anyway for less, and you will get free bids.

Of all the ways you can get free bids for Quibids, you should be able to make this quite cost efficient for yourself. It canbe great fun and exciting while also being a good way to get Christmas gifts or items on your list of things you really want for really cheap!

So What is a Penny Auction Anyway

QuiBids is a Penny Auction…So, What’s a Penny Auction You Ask?

Bidding sites have grown exponentially ever since eBay started and grew on the Internet. But like all good things, there must be an end to the status quo, and new folks need to move in. That is just how the market has always worked, and it seems to not be any different this time. While penny auctions are still relatively new, there seems to already be one website that has the business figured out. There are several penny auction sites coming up, but Quibids seems to be the one that is rising to the top, so look for some of their Quibids free bids.

How It Works

The way the penny auctions work is when you register to the site, you have to immediately purchase 100 bids for $60. Now, this is where a lot of people are turned off and get concerned. Don’t be alarmed. This is how penny auctions work. You buy the bids, and then you add your bids to products you want to bid on. Every time you or someone else places a bid, the cost of the product increases by one penny, and the clock resets. The goal is to be the person who set the last bid when time finally runs out. It takes time to figure out a strategy for people to figure out how to bid on these products and to actually get a deal, but in the end, it is possible to get an iPad or iPod for only $15.00.

Not A Scam

Because so many people are new to the process of penny auctions, there are allegations of these sites being a big scam. The truth is, there are elements of strategy as well as an element of luck involved in getting these items for so little money. Because Quibids is sensitive to being called a scam, and they want people to take them and their website seriously. To help bring people into the website to see what they are really doing, Quibids offer multiple ways for you obtain Quibids free bids. The Quibids free bids are used to help people feel better about the money they are spending up front and to enter the site. This is smart, because, with a good strategy, people will be able to go in and buy some products for just pennies on the dollar. Even when you add in the fees for the bids, the amount paid for the items is just a fraction of what would have been paid if bought in the store. It can ultimately be a really good deal.

Why Strategy Matters

Before you go into a penny auction site like Quibids, make sure you understand that these auctions are a lot like a cross between strategy and luck. The luck is hard to control, but the strategy part is not, and that is the most important part. The first thing to consider is the best time of day to place your bids. The more people there are placing bids, the harder it is to get the product for a really low price. You want to place bids during the day on Tuesdays through Wednesdays, because those are the times people are least likely to be on the website. Quibids tries to be fair to everyone, so they reduce the number of items available for bidding during these slower times, but it is still a better opportunity for you to place your bids and to even win some Quibids free bids for a lower price. Also, you will want to look at how often to bid, and when to bid once you have chosen an item you want to try and win for yourself. Thinking about your strategy and researching other methods are two ways you can take advantage of Quibids and everything they have to offer. If you want that iPad for $25, go and get it, but just make sure you have a plan on how to do it.  You can try to keep track of things that you think are important to gaining an edge, but you’ll find you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with the details.  Your best bet is to win on QuiBids more often is to use a QuiBids tracking software like the one offered here on Bid-Ninja.  If you just want a little “taste” of what is offered by the Bid-Ninja software suite, check out the free QuiBids statistics offered by us right on our site.

Customer Protection

Quibids is a company that wants a piece of the bidding website pie. They are never going to be able to do that if they are dishonest, scamming, or don’t protect their customers. Honesty is evident all over the Quibids website. If you read their blog, you cam learn how their site works, and then you will understand the initial charges, and how all the fees and other charges work. They tell you up front that you are going to be paying for bids, and how many you will be getting as a result of signing up and buying those bids, known as a bid pack. You are not just suckered into the deal if you read what they put right in front of you. Another thing they are very serious about is keeping their customers and their financial information safe. Some of the steps they take to protect people are as follows: • There are limits to how many wins a person can win per day. They have thought ahead and figured out the obvious game people will play, and they do not allow multiple accounts from the same person or household, nor is using bots allowed. There are consequences for breaking those rules. You will not be able to get the product you bid on after 12 wins in 28 days, and there will be no refunds. Make sure you are aware of these rules, though. • Although it is understood that children might get onto your Quibids site and make bids for you, in order to keep it fair for everyone, they do not accept this as a reason to get refunds. You are responsible for your account and for anyone that uses it. • They do not sell your information to third parties. This is big for a lot of people, and they are serious about not selling your information. • They take fraud very seriously. Stolen or fake cards are reported to the proper authorities, and they are willing to prosecute anyone that attempts to use fraud on their sites.

QuiBids Frequently Asked Questions

Quell Your QuiBids Queries – Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About QuiBids

Quibids is a humungous penny auction Website; it is larger than any other penny auction Website on the planet. If you haven’t yet heard about this phenomenon, you will be gob smacked by the amount of media coverage it has received – from places like Wired, Time, and Oprah magazine. Quibids is a big deal.

There is no doubt that the bargain hunters out there – and the risk takers – have been electronically lining up to try to win the products they covet at a Quibid auction. And why not? Recent ended auctions listed on the Quibid Website include a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer being won for 19.91 and an Apple MacBook Pro for just 75.60. There are compelling reasons to take Quibids out for a spin and see if they are for you. Read on for some answers to questions that might be formulating in your brain as you read this sentence.

Does it really cost only 60 cents to place a bid at Quibids?

It does – and it doesn’t. A new bidder, one who has just signed up at the Quibids Website, must buy a beginning package of bids, which means spending 60 dollars for 100 bids.  Have a look at our onsite QuiBids stats to see just what most users end up paying for each item auctioned off on quibids.
Once you have shrugged off your newbie cape, you still have to buy bids in bulk; 40 bids will cost you 24 dollars, 300 bids will cost you 180 dollars and so on. The more bids you buy, the cheaper each individual bid is.

Are the Quibid products new?

Quibid products are new and will arrive at your door in the original packaging and with all relevant warranties, should you win an auction. Their official Website notes that their products are overstock surpluses, wholesale stock, stock from warehouses that are closing down and the like.

Just how quick are the Quibid auctions?

The Quibid auctions do not disappoint when it comes to speed; except for special offers, they take just five minutes. Yes, that is five minutes of frantic bidding and the highest bidder at the exact moment when the auction closes takes home the prize.

Is it true that some bidders use robots to bid for them?

Some bidders are not satisfied with their manual dexterity and they use what are called Bid-O-Matic tools. These tools automatically place bids on behalf of their users. If you notice that a bidder is bidding with speed that seems beyond a human’s ability, stop bidding. You can start up again if the bidder suddenly slows down, she may have run out of bids.

Can you buy a product even though you lost the auction?

Quibids allows you to buy that Amazon Kindle Fire or those Oakley Batwolf sunglasses the retail price less the money you spend on your losing bids. This is an enticing offer, especially if you were going to buy the product whether you won it in an auction or not, as you can recoup some of your losses.

Can you really save up to 95% on products at Quibids?

If you are lucky enough to come out on top on a Quibids bidding war, you could pay as little as 5 % of the retail price of the product that you were bidding on. As this article is being written, there are several products being featured on the Quibid Website showing such savings. A Sony Bravia 55-inch LED TV went for 37.03 and an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for 16.90.

Can I trust Quibids to ship me my hard-won product?

The Better Business Bureau gives the folks at Quibids a solid rating, which they would not do if there were unresolved customer complaints stacking up against the firm. Quibids likely works hard to keep this rating, as without it new customers would no doubt be more skeptical of their operation and commitments.

Are all Quibid auctions really penny auctions?

There are penny auctions at Quibid, meaning that it costs you a penny to place a bid; though there are other auctions that cost 5, 10, or 20 cents per bid: obviously, it is cheaper to stick to the real penny auctions. It seems that you do have to sign up at the Quibid Website to check out which auctions are true penny auctions and which are not.

In closing

If you type “Quibids” into Google or your go-to search engine, you will find countless articles, blog posts and ads about this mammoth Website. You will find that not all Quibid users are happy about their experiences at the penny auction Website, though you will find that some users cannot contain their pleasure. What is the real deal?

You have to experience Quibids to determine whether it is for you, and before doing this, it will be useful to put on your research hat and learn more about this way of auctioning coveted products. There are several blogs and consumer Websites that cover the action over at Quibids, take some time to read what they have to say.

If you have some money to spare, and you like a bargain, and you like the excitement of bidding at an auction, of not knowing whether you will win the prize you so want but being thrilled at the prospect you might, Quibids may be for you. The trick is not to throw money at Quibids auctions in a haphazard way but to choose you battles, go after only what you really want and do all that you can to get it. Happy bidding. For more information on Quibids don’t forget to check and

Is QuiBids a Scam? Definitely Not

Heard QuiBids is a Scam? It’s a Lie!

Are you a fan of online auctions? Have you ever wanted to sell your unwanted items in an easy way to make a little extra cash? Or maybe you’ve wanted to buy something rare for less money than you’d pay retail? No matter what the motivation is, online auctions have a distinct advantage in this area. You can watch auctions or bid immediately, making it easy to buy or sell your favorite products in an instant.

What is

Is QuiBids a Scam?  Definitely NotOne of the most popular online auction sites is Using QuiBids as your auction site, you can check bids in real time to see what catches your interest. The QuiBids model is simple: When you log on and place a bid, the site adds 10-20 seconds to the auction’s timer to give someone else the the cahnce to to bid on the item for sale. This continues until the maximum bid reaches zero seconds on the timer, and the item is awarded to the top bidder. This model is much more interactive than other online auction sites and is often cited as reminiscent of the “going once, going twice, sold!” approach of traditional auctions. With such an exciting interface and fast-paced approach, you may be surprised to year that there is talk of being a scam site. However, there are many benefits to using an online auction site like, which we’ll outline in this article. This should offer plenty of proof that the QuiBids scam is a lie – you can enjoy bidding in a safe environment with confidence.

The QuiBids Model

Part of the reason that people are apt to think that the QuiBids scam is real is that their auctions work differently than auctions do on sites like eBay. Because QuiBids strives to bring that real auction feel to online bidding, some features of the site may seem a little off at first glance. First of all, before you start bidding, you must sign up. Then you must purchase bids. Each bid costs only $0.60. Then, when you find an auction you’d like to place a bid on, QuiBids deducts one bidding credit from your account and adds time to the clock to allow other bidders a chance. You also have the option to buy out the item that is up for auction, similar to other online auction sites. The difference with is that even if you don’t win the auction, you can still choose to buy the product at a discount with this feature. You will never, ever have to pay more than retail price for any of the products listed on the QuiBids site. However, you must note that not everyone will win the auction at a huge discount. Sometimes, you just get the product for a few dollars under retail – but even then, you still save a few dollars!

Why Does QuiBids Cost Money in the First Place?

Many people find it odd that QuiBids charges money before you can begin bidding, which leads them to think that QuiBids is a scam. However, this is only because the site needs a placeholder for the funds. Think about it: If you bid on an item but never intend to pay it, you waste everyone’s time. The seller will be furious that they waited for their item to sell for nothing and will have to relist it; the site loses money hosting an auction that will never be paid for; and you lose out on getting your item if someone else wins and never pays. By having their customers purchase bids, QuiBids can ensure that real cash backs the auctions. This way, everyone gets their payment or item without hassle. It’s easy to think that if you lose an auction, the site has just stolen your money. In fact, with your option to “buy now” at less than retail value, you can still receive the item at a discount using your existing bid plus paying the difference. Either way, you end up with the item you want for less than you’d pay in a store. You can even spend money on bid vouchers to keep bids lined up for when you’re away from the computer. Using their automated queue for bids, you can autobid even when you’re not around! So as you can see, there’s no way you can think that this aspect of QuiBids is a scam once you understand how it works.

Should You Sign up at

QuiBids is an addictive site. It’s fun, fast-paced, and offers you a chance to buy things for less than retail price. Because it imitates the high-energy setting of a real auction, it requires a slightly different business model. This business model is based on pre-paid bids, but that doesn’t mean that is a scam. All it means is that you have bids that you can spend anywhere on the site for a chance at winning an item at less than retail value. If you win the item when the timer reaches zero, you’ll see that you’ve paid only pennies on the dollar for your item. If you lose the bid and choose the “buy now” option, you can still compare prices with online retailers to see if you’re paying less than you would in a store – and there’s a good chance you are. It can be difficult to win an auction on because of the sheer number of users eager to find great deals. By utilizing a few tips and tricks (which QuiBids details on their site) you can greatly improve your chances of winning the auctions you have your eye on. Bidding can be fun, and it most certainly is not impossible to win an item if you play your cards right. So if you’re interested in a fun, fast-paced online auction site, give a try. Many people have found great deals using the site and feel that their time and money was well spent. If you give a chance, you might just be one of them, too!

Mega Bid Vouchers on QuiBids - 1,000 & 500 Voucher Bid Packs

How About 1,000 Voucher Bids on QuiBids…and a Coupon Code to Go With!

So QuiBids is once again having their “Mega Bid Voucher Auction” promotion…and they’ve released a coupon code so you can five totally free bids to commemorate the occasion!

So what have WE done to commemorate the occasion?  We’re having our annual YEAR END SALE on Bid-Ninja!  All prices on ALL Bid-Ninja packages have been reduced by 33% – Use the coupon code below for free bids on QuiBids and sign up to be a Bid-Ninja at 33% off regular price here

While the “1000 mega bid pack” and “500 mega bid pack” auctions ended yesterday (the 29th), the coupon code is still valid and you can use it to redeem 5 totally free bids, no purchase necessary.

The only rules are that you have to have at some point purchased a bid pack, and you have to use the code before January 2nd, 2015 (it’s expiration date).

To redeem the code, log into your QuiBids account and then visit the QuiBids “Redeem Coupon” page here and then enter the code:


Oh, and don’t forget to check out the new searchable QuiBids statistics database here on the Bid-Ninja site.  You can read about it here on our blog.

Here is a picture of the email they sent out:

Mega Bid Vouchers on QuiBids - 1,000 & 500 Voucher Bid Packs


QuiBids Stats by Day of Week

search our QuiBids database

This is HUGE NEWS!  The invaluable data brought to you by Bid-Ninja for QuiBids auctions, products & bidders are now searchable!

That’s right, now you can search our QuiBids database for usernames, auction ID’s or even products you’re interested in bidding so you’re armed with the information you need to slice through your competition.

What’s more is we’ve brought this information to you in an incredibly “easy to digest” format.  There are four “areas” to this new addition to the Bid-Ninja product suite.  They are:

  • The “homepage” of the Stats – This area shows you the currently active auctions, the top 10 bidders on QuiBids (by the number of bids placed), the latest ended auctions and lastly, the most “active” bidders that are currently placing bids across all auctions on QuiBids (by how many bids they “have in play” across all auctions they’re bidding on)
  • An “Active Auctions” stats page (this linked to page won’t link to an “active auction” for long, since once the auction ends, the page type changes) – An “active auction” page shows you a ton of information from the latest bidders, how many total bidders there are, the current price, when it started, the bidders in the last 5 minutes, how long the auction has been running, historic prices for the product in the auction, how the prices are trending and much more
  • A “Bidders Stats” page – This page will show the total number of auctions a bidder is currently bidding on, the total number of bids they’ve placed since they started playing on QuiBids, their win rate, the total number of auctions they’ve won & lost, the total number of auctions they’ve bid on and a list of their latest won & lost auctions
  • A “Product” Stats page – This page will show you the statistics for a PRODUCT that is sold on QuiBids.  For example, the linked to page here takes you to a “Bambeco Barbecue Tool Set” product and will show that Bid-Ninja has tracked 12 auctions for this product, it’s average ending price, the best time of day to bid, the best day of the week to bid and even the best hour of the day to bid all based on historic data.  It even shows a list of the latest ended auctions for that product

Check out some of these screenshots, and then get started using it!

QuiBids Stats by Day of Week userstatstrending

QuiBids Google+ Page Showing Latest Promo Code for Free Bids

10 Free Bids on QuiBids & Free Access to Every Bid-Ninja Product

Quibids released TWO promo codes today, each one allowing you to get 5 free bids.  You can use both codes, one right after the other, to get yourself a total of 10 totally free bids on QuiBids!

The only stipulation is that you must have, at some point in the past, purchased at least one bid pack.  In addition to that, if you are on our mailing list, we’ve just given EVERY SINGLE USER who has EVER signed up for our mailing list 100% totally free access to EVERY BID-NINJA PRODUCT for the next 24 hours!!  You can sign up for our mailing list so you’re notified of these promotions in the future by using the signup form to the right.

Here are the two coupon codes to get yourself those free bids…now use ’em and enjoy slicing through your competition using Bid-Ninja!  You can redeem those coupon codes on QuiBids website on this page

Promo Code 1: 279BIDS

Promo Code 2: AUTUMN14

Here is the picture they used in the email, and then a screenshot of their Google+ feed where the other code was posted:

Latest QuiBids Coupon Code for Free Bids - Sent Via Email

Screenshot of Google+ Page:

QuiBids Google+ Page Showing Latest Promo Code for Free Bids

Picture of QuiBids Promo Code for the Month of September

Latest QuiBids Promo Code to Brighten Up Your Monday

Here is the picture they used in the email:

Picture of QuiBids Promo Code for the Month of September

UPDATE: Not long after we sent out an email to our users notifying them of this new blog post, QuiBids resolved the error on their end BUT…they didn’t remove the misspelled code, so now you can actually use BOTH CODES!! Read below to fully understand.

QuiBids has released another coupon code allowing you to snag some more free bids and brighten up your Monday afternoon! QuiBids sent out an email saying the promo code was “MONBID9” but that code doesn’t actually work!! Somebody made a typo…the REAL code is “MONBIDS9” (note the additions of the “s” at the end of the word “bid”).

UPDATE: As we said above, the code they sent out didn’t originally work, but it does now…but so does the other code! That means you can use both the regular & misspelled code and instead of only getting 5 free bids, you can actually get yourself 10!! Better act fast, they’ll probably get this fixed soon enough!

This latest quibids code gets you five totally free bids to use on whatever you’d like (provided you’ve purchased at least one bid pack at some point in the past), but you’d better act fast because it expires on September 22nd!  To redeem it, log into your QuiBids account and then visit your “redeem coupon page” here The code this time is:


But don’t forget to ALSO USE this code:


QuiBids was holding all of these auction types...250, 500 & 1,000 voucher bid auctions

Free Bids Even if You Missed the 1,000 Voucher Bid Promotion on QuiBids

QuiBids just recently held a pretty cool promotion on their site where they were having auctions for 250, 500 & 1,000 voucher bids.

QuiBids was holding all of these auction types...250, 500 & 1,000 voucher bid auctions

Here is one such auction (already ended) for 1,000 voucher bids on QuiBids where the winning bidder “ItsaDealKapish” got a pretty sweet deal.  I mean, imagine what you could do with ONE THOUSAND voucher bids.

In any case, it looks like they’ve stopped running these auctions, BUT, you can still snag a few free bids with a promo code they released in honor of these new auction types even though they’re over.

Latest QuiBids Promo Code

When they rolled out these promotional auctions, they released the following coupon code to get 5 free bids:


It expires on April 10th, 2014 so you better grab it fast!  To use a coupon code, log into you QuiBids account and then open the “redeem coupon” page on QuiBids here.

The coupon code they gave out for 5 free bids in honor of the promotion

Then just enter the coupon code from above that’s in bold and whammo…5 free bids for you.  Here is a “copy” of the email they sent out:

This is a picture of the email QuiBids sent out about their 1,000 voucher bid promotional auctions

This is a picture of the QuiBids coupon code for five free bids. The code is DRESSFRESH

Dress Fresh for Spring with Free Bids from QuiBids

Once again, QuiBids has released another promotional/coupon code allowing you to snag some more free bids!

This latest quibids code gets you five totally free bids to use on whatever you’d like, but you’d better act fast because it expires on April 4th!  To redeem it, log into your QuiBids account and then visit your “redeem coupon page” here

The code this time is:


Here is the picture they used in the email:

This is a picture of the QuiBids coupon code for five free bids.  The code is DRESSFRESH

And here is a picture of the email they sent out:

This is a picture of the "DRESSFRESH" promotional email QuiBids sent out with their latest coupon code for free bids