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Beezid is Giving Away $1,000 for the Best Penny Auction Strategies – Drawing is August 10th!

Beezid is giving away $1,000 for the best penny auction strategies, and the drawing is just five days away on August 10th!

If you are a great player and/or know of an excellent strategy, now is your time to cash in by sharing it!  All you have to do is add your strategy as a comment on their blog post here: We’re Giving Away $1K For Your Beezid Strats!

Here is the content of that blog post from their site will all the details:

Okay guys, it’s time for another contest!

(And this is our easiest one yet!)

We’re putting out another call for your best tips and strategies for winning here on Beezid. Only this time, you don’t have to send us a video. You don’t have to send us a photo. You don’t even have to doodle stick figures.

All you’ve got to do is what you guys do best: leave your comments here on the blog!

Reply to this post with your best bits of Beezid wisdom. (Yes, there are other strategy threads here on the blog, but for the purposes of this contest, only comments made to this specific post will qualify.)

You can send in as many tips as you want. The only rule is they have to be unique, as the drawing is based on unique posts. So be sure to check if somebody else has already made the same (or a similar) suggestion!

  • 1 unique strategy = 1 entry in the drawing
  • 2 unique strategies = 2 entries to the drawing

We’ll be selecting 3 winners, so the more strategies you submit, the better your chances!

Oh… did I mention the prizes?

  • First Prize: $500 Wallet Card
  • Second Prize: $300 Wallet Card
  • Third Prize: $200 Wallet Card

Yep. We’re playing for cash this time 😉

The drawing happens August 10. So give yourself the best shot at that prize money and send us as many winning strats as you can!


Just to clarify, until the contest is over, ONLY qualifying tips and strategies will be published to this thread. You guys have been leaving each other some nice compliments, but in order to simplify the final count these and other comments will remain unpublished until the contest is over.


This also applies to strats that are too similar to ones that have already been published (obviously). However, if your tip has several parts, some of which have already been said but one of which is unique, then the post will still count for the unique tip.

awesome penny auction site

Have You Heard That Bid-Ninja is Working On Supporting This Awesome Penny Auction Site?

You may or may not have already heard, but we’ve been working on making a decision about which penny auction to begin supporting within the Bid-Ninja software next…and after countless hours of research making sure they deliver on time, have a great product selection, have a site that is fun to play on, have perfect customer service and a lot of other things (you know, all the things that make a penny auction site the “cream of the crop” so to speak) we’ve made our decision.

You’ll be excited to hear that Bid-Ninja is now working on rolling out support for…drumroll please…HappyBidDay!!!

We’ve had a TON of requests from our existing users to begin supporting them, but have held off until we were able to do our research thoroughly & completely.  We’re thrilled that we will soon support another top tier penny auction site like theirs.

penny auction site visit button

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unlimited penny auction bids

Buy One Bid Pack & Get Unlimited Bids Until You Win!

So once again we here are Bid-Ninja are here to bring you incredible news.  We’ve been looking into another penny auction site to incorporate into the Bid-Ninja software and after a lot of investigation into: their site, their customer satisfaction level, product selection, delivery times and all of the other factors that go into what makes a penny auction site a great place to play we’ve decided to move forward!

penny auction site visit button

You can check out their site here and more importantly, by using that link, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of their “bid ’till you win” offer, which is you buy your first bid pack and if you don’t win your first auction before those bids run out, you’ll be continuously given more bids until you DO win your first auction!  How incredible is that?!?!

This makes the first time you go to check out this really great site entirely risk free for you, as your first win is effectively “guaranteed”.

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Black Friday in June at DealDash

Black Friday in June at DealDash

Beginning tonight at exactly 5:00 p.m. ET, DealDash is having a Black Friday Sale during which they will hold 100 auctions at the same time. All of these auctions begin at no cost and there is no minimum reserve on any of them. While number of active auctions on DealDash varies depending upon the time of the day and the day of the week, it is safe to say there are never even close to 100 auctions at the same time! This will surely be a fun event to take peek at. If you want to do more than just take a peek, then consider this:

DealDash is having a Bid sale with all bids priced at 12 cents. This is a huge savings over their regular prices:

A 300 bid pack is regularly priced at $180, is now on sale for only $36.00
A 600 bid pack is regularly priced at $360, is now on sale for only $72.00
A 1200 bid pack is regularly priced at $720, is now on sale for only $144.00
A 2400 bid pack is regularly priced $1400, is now on sale for only $288.00

These sale prices represent an 80 percent savings over the regular prices!

The combination of the sale prices and the Black Friday event tonight make this a great time to use your Bid-Ninja and start bidding.

We wish all of our faithful Bid-Ninja customers good luck!!

The Bid-Ninja Team

madbid 3750 credits

MadBid Goes Crazy – Get Tons of Free Bids!

MadBid Goes Crazy – Big Credits Blowout

For those of you who love Madbid or if you are thinking of trying it for the first time, today is a great day to go for it.  Madbid is having a great credit sale today only.  For every package you purchase, you get 3 more of the same package for free.

MadBid 275 CreditsSo here is what you will receive today if you visit MadBid right now right here:


  • the 100 credit package you will receive 400 credits
  • the 275 credit package you will receive 1100 credits
  • the 500 credit package you will receive 2000 credits
  • the 1000 credit package you will receive 4000 creditsmadbid 275 credits
  • the 3750 credit package you will receive 15,000 credits

You have until 11:55 p.m. ET today – June 12, 2014 – to take advantage of this sale.  There are some great items coming up for auction on Madbid today to bid on with your new credits. You will find everything from a Canon Powershot ELPH 160, to an ACER Aspire V3-572 15.6” Laptop, to a August SE50 Bluetooth Speaker System with FM Radio -Wireless Hi-Fi. You will also find watches, razors, coffee makers, and rechargeable battery packs, just to name a few.  And a number of today’s auctions are in the under $100 range.

madbid 500 credits madbid 1000 creditsmadbid 3750

So if you are getting low on credits or thinking about trying out Madbid for the first time, today might be your lucky day.  Of course, don’t forget to have Bid-Ninja by your side (get it free here) to let you know who else is bidding, how many other auctions are they bidding on, how much they have spent on the auction, etc. Don’t forget that even if you do not win the item that you are bidding on, you get a dollar for dollar earned discount.  This means that if, for example, you use 2 credits to bid on an auction that you do not ultimately win, that $1.20 (60 cents per credit)  is put into your “earned discount” account.  You have one year from the time the discount is earned to use it towards an auction item at the buy it now price.  Your earned discounts accumulate of course and may be combined for a big savings on one item.  So in reality, Madbid is a no risk proposition. Even if you do not win the auction – you get your money back to use to buy that item or any other Madbid item! Good luck to you of the Madbid bidders out there!  Please let us know your success stories.

Bid-Ninja 1 Cent Sale – Something You’re Finally Guaranteed to Get for Just a Penny!

Finally, Something You’re Guaranteed to Get for Just 1 Penny…Bid-Ninja!

We’re excited to announce that you can get Bid-Ninja for just 1 cent (for QuiBids or MadBid only) on our sale page here:

This sale ends at 11:59pm EST on the 28th of May, so you don’t have long!

You now have the chance to have the most powerful software in existence (for just a penny!) so that you’re armed with the best information to slice through your competition with ease!


Our existing users already know that using our software means you get to see & know information that nobody else does.  If you’re playing without Bid-Ninja, odds are you’re currently losing auctions to the people who are using it.

Don’t let that happen any longer, get Bid-Ninja right now for just a penny right here and see for yourself just how powerful a tool it really is.  Let Bid-Ninja be the weapon you use from here on out to slice through your competition so you can walk away a winner!

MadBid Auctioning Off New Car

MadBid is Auctioning Off a Brand New Car Right Now!

MadBid is auctioning off a brand new car right now!  As of this moment the brand new car they’re auctioning off (valued at $28,999) is at a selling price of $877…could you even imagine?  Well folks, somebody has to win, and the best part is that you can use the Bid-Ninja software on MadBid free (get it here).

As we’ve explained on our blog before, MadBid is arguably the largest penny auction site currently in existence.  They’ve just recently come to the US and have made a huge impact on the penny auction community with their exceptional reputation and customer service.  They have a unique business model in that they put all the bids you spend on auctions you haven’t won into your own personal “kitty” so to speak, called the “earned auction discount”.  So if you spend $20 in bidspend on one auction you don’t win, another $20 on another auction you don’t win and then $20 on another auction you don’t win, you now have a total of $60 in “earned auction discount” that you can either apply to the next auction you bid on OR spend at your leisure in their online store.

That model really makes their site a no risk proposition for a would be penny auction bidder, and it is that business model combined with their stellar reputation that will quickly make them the US penny auction powerhouse to mess with.

Now…about that car auction…if you’d like to have a look or give it go, here is the link: Your Brand New Car! –

Screenshot of MadBid New Car Auction

MadBid Statistics for All Auctions, Bidders & Products are Searchable & Onsite Now!

Once again Bid-Ninja has great news for our thousands and thousands of users…our MadBid statistics for all MadBid auctions, products & bidders are now searchable and viewable right on the Bid-Ninja website!

That’s right, now you can search our MadBid statistics database for usernames, auction ID’s or even products you’re interested in bidding on so you’re armed with the information you need to slice through your competition.

What’s more is we’ve brought this information to you in an incredibly “easy to digest” format.  There are four “areas” to this new addition to the Bid-Ninja product suite.  They are:

  • The “homepage” of the MadBid Stats – This area shows you the currently active auctions, the top 10 bidders on MadBid (by the number of bids placed), the latest ended auctions and lastly, the most “active” bidders that are currently placing bids across all auctions on MadBid (by how many bids they “have in play” across all auctions they’re bidding on)
  • An “Active Auctions” stats page (this linked to page won’t link to an “active auction” for long, since once the auction ends, the page type changes) – An “active auction” page shows you a ton of information from the latest bidders, how many total bidders there are, the current price, when it started, the bidders in the last 5 minutes, how long the auction has been running, historic prices for the product in the auction, how the prices are trending and much more
  • A MadBid “Bidders Stats” page – This page will show the total number of auctions a bidder is currently bidding on, the total number of bids they’ve placed since they started playing on MadBid, their win rate, the total number of auctions they’ve won & lost, the total number of auctions they’ve bid on and a list of their latest won & lost auctions
  • A MadBid “Product” Stats page – This page will show you the statistics for a PRODUCT that is sold on MadBid.  For example, the linked to page here takes you to a “135 Credit Auction” product and will show that Bid-Ninja has tracked over 2,800 auctions for this product, it’s average ending price, the best time of day to bid, the best day of the week to bid and even the best hour of the day to bid all based on historic data.  It even shows a list of the latest ended auctions for that product

Check out some of these screenshots, and then get started using it!

QuiBids Stats by Day of Weekuserstatstrending Auctions Now Supported in the Bid-Ninja Software

Bid-Ninja software users rejoice! is now supported within the Bid-Ninja analytics software, and what’s more is that MadBid has just come to the United States!  There is NO AUTOBIDDER FOR MADBID!  You can now get your penny auction fix on one of the best penny auctions sites there are.

We can’t tell you how THRILLED we are to announce that the Bid-Ninja software now fully supports the largest penny auction site in the world, MadBid! MadBid Now Supported by the Bid-Ninja Software One of the principals here at Bid-Ninja actually flew out to the UK prior to them launching here to find out more about their business model, what was “new” that they’d be bringing to the table and if/when they’d be launching here in the US.

In regard to what “they’re bringing to the table”, it’s a lot…they’re doing something nobody in the penny auction space has done or is doing.  Imagine this…you were able to get back every dollar you spent bidding on all the auctions you’ve lost.  It would be pretty great right?  Well that’s what they’re doing! Obviously they can’t give you back every dollar you’ve spent bidding on auctions you’ve lost on other penny auction sites, as nice as that would be.

What they do however is this:  All the money you spend on bids across all auctions you don’t win on their site “rolls over” into what MadBid refers to as an “Earned Discount” which you can then spend at your leisure in their online store.

So imagine that you spend $50 bidding on an iPad auction you don’t win, you spend $50 bidding on a TV auction you don’t win and then you give it another shot and you spend $50 bidding on a laptop auction you don’t win.  If it were any other site, you’d either be entirely out of luck OR you’d have to pony up the dough and buy each of those items to prevent yourself from losing any money.  Well MadBid says that’s bogus!

At MadBid, given the scenario above, you’d now have $150 to spend in their store at your leisure…on any item they sell in the store!!

MadBid has managed to combine the thrill of penny auctions with absolutely no risk to you as a consumer.  What else would you expect from the powerhouse that is MadBid?  Nothing less of course!

Since MadBid has only just launched here in the US, the number of auctions they have might be less than your accustomed to, but there is also less competition…at least for right now.  MadBid is searched over a half a million times each month on Google because of how many other countries they’re live in and how massive they are in the UK.  As more people join, the number of auctions & available products they have will go up and so will the competition.  So go ahead and get in in the ground floor of the launch of one of the most reputable and longstanding names in penny auctions!

Looking to score some free bids on QuiBids

Best Ways to Score Some Extra Free Bids on QuiBids

Once you have signed up for the penny auction giant, Quibids, you have a pocket full of bids, and you are able to start browsing. As you start looking and bidding, you start to think that 100 bids is not going to be enough after a while. While you have a great strategy, you know you are not going to be able to win every single item you bid on. As Christmas creeps closer and closer, it is time to start taking your bidding seriously and to get as many free bids as possible. Here are some great ways to get some free bids.

Looking to score some free bids on QuiBidsUse a Quibids Promo Code

One of the best ways to save money on anything on the Internet is to look for promo codes. A Quibids Promo Code can be found in many places. You can get one from time to time on their website. You just have to keep a look out for them. You an also type in Quibids Promo Code into any search engine, and you can find codes that are available on several sites. Sometimes these are old codes, but quite often they are not, so give it a try! You can even use a Quibids Promo Code to pay for your initial bid pack.

Play Games On Quibids Website

Quibids has a tab on their website for games that you can play if you are a member. As you play the games, you an occasionally win a few more extra bids. If you get pretty good at these games, you can rack up a substantial number of bids, and this can be a really fun way to do it. They offer several different games for you to play, and they are always adding more, so give this method a shot if you are getting low on bids.

Bid on Free Bids

For any Quibids user, this is pretty obvious. You can spend only a few of the bids you have to win a whole bunch more. Just be really careful, as it is possible that you could spend more bids than you will win, and of course, you take a big risk in not winning any at all. Decide ahead of time how many bids you are willing to shell out to try and win these extra bids, and make sure you do not waver from that decision no matter how tempting it is. You do not want to spend 30 bids to win 40. That is not worth it.

Get the Quibids Newsletter

A way to get 3 free bids is to subscribe to the Quibids Newsletter. With the newsletter, you will get three free bids, as well as updated information as to what will be auctioned coming up, what deals there are, and what great deals were obtained in that past week. You might be able to get a reduced price buy looking for a Quibids Promo Code.

Take The Quibids 101 Quiz

One of the ways Quibids tries to make sure their customers understand how this whole penny auction site thing works is to get people to read their Quibids 101 post. They offer a quiz at the end of this post that you can take, and you can win 3 free bids by doing so. It only takes a few minutes, so it is definitely worth it.

Refer A Friend

Another great way to get a bunch of free bids is to refer a friend. For every friend you get to join, you will receive 25 free bids. That can be significant, especially if you can get three or four people to sign up! When referring people, be sure to have a Quibids Promo ode available, and they might feel more inclined to heck it out and pony up the initial fee. You also want to tell them how great it is by highlighting your own successes. You an make it a sort of part-time job for a little while to convince people to sign up and say they were referred by you, and you can rack up a ton of free bids! It just takes a little salesmanship from you.

Play the Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes

Everyday on Facebook, the people at Quibids offer a sweepstakes that allows you to enter your name to win 50 free bids. All you have to do is “Like” their page on Facebook, got to the Free Bids App under their cover picture on the Quibids page, and fill in the sweepstakes form. It is short and simple and easy, and available to you every single day. Obviously you are not going to win every day, but even if you only win one, that is 50 free bids that only took a few minutes a day to get.

Quibids also offers a daily sweepstakes on Twitter. Start following @Quibids and every time you see #Free Bids, retweet or comment on the tweet and you will automatically be entered to win the drawing. Just like with the Facebook contest, if you just take a few minutes a day, your chances of winning increases, and you should get the 50 free bids eventually, if not more than once.

Buying Products From The Quibids Store

Everytime you buy something from the Quibids store, you are given free bids. If tere is a product you want to get and you did not win, you can at least gain a few more free bids buy purchasing at the store. There may even be a Quibids Promo Code for items at the store, so you and get the items you were going to buy anyway for less, and you will get free bids.

Of all the ways you can get free bids for Quibids, you should be able to make this quite cost efficient for yourself. It canbe great fun and exciting while also being a good way to get Christmas gifts or items on your list of things you really want for really cheap!