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Heard QuiBids is a Scam? It’s a Lie!

Are you a fan of online auctions? Have you ever wanted to sell your unwanted items in an easy way to make a little extra cash? Or maybe you’ve wanted to buy something rare for less money than you’d pay retail? No matter what the motivation is, online auctions have a distinct advantage in this […]

How About 1,000 Voucher Bids on QuiBids…and a Coupon Code to Go With!

So QuiBids is once again having their “Mega Bid Voucher Auction” promotion…and they’ve released a coupon code so you can five totally free bids to commemorate the occasion! So what have WE done to commemorate the occasion?  We’re having our annual YEAR END SALE on Bid-Ninja!  All prices on ALL Bid-Ninja packages have been reduced by […]

Bid-Ninja’s QuiBids Statistics for Bidders, Products & Auctions are Now Searchable!

This is HUGE NEWS!  The invaluable data brought to you by Bid-Ninja for QuiBids auctions, products & bidders are now searchable! That’s right, now you can search our QuiBids database for usernames, auction ID’s or even products you’re interested in bidding so you’re armed with the information you need to slice through your competition. What’s […]

Get One Month of Unrestricted Use of Bid-Ninja Free!

THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED. Want to get yourself one totally free month of use of the Bid-Ninja software, with absolutely no restrictions (IE – you get the full unrestricted version that paid users get)?  We’ll we’re offering just that! We’re asking anybody that has used our software, whether it be as a paid user, a free […]