Spy On Your Competitors

Wouldn’t You Like to Know …

  • How much money your competitors spend on each auction?
  • Whether they’re using cash or voucher bids (QuiBids only)?
  • Which other auctions they’re bidding on?
  • Each competitor’s overall winning percentage?

Bid-Ninja answers these important questions and so much more!

See Advanced Auction Stats

Bid-Ninja Shows You:

  • The best day of the week to bid on an auction.
  • The best time of the day to bid on an auction.
  • Whether prices are trending up or down.

Let our complex algorithms do the heavy lifting in the background, while you get actionable auction stats right at your fingertips!

Save Time with BidBuddy®

Bid-Ninja’s Friendly Autobidder:

  • Bids for you automatically.
  • Bids on upcoming auctions.
  • Win auctions even while you’re not in front of the computer.
  • Easy to use.
  • Have more time doing whatever it is you like to do!

Who Knew Bidding Could Be So Easy, Yet So Effective?

Win More Auctions

  • BID SMARTER. The analytics’ portion of Bid-Ninja provides complete statistical analysis for each competing bidder, as well as the product type for each auction.
  • BID FASTER. The easy to use BidBuddy interface allows you to program how often and under which conditions you would like to place bids then bids for you automatically.
  • WIN MORE. Bid-Ninja gives you the tools to win more auctions while using less bids.

Bid-Ninja Supports the Following Penny Auction Sites:


Let Bid-NInja Help You Win More Auctions

With the Power of Analytics, BidBuddy®, and Auction Tracker

Easy-To-Use & Powerful Features

Whether you are bidding on one auction or on multiple auctions simultaneously, Bid-Ninja stealthily inserts itself onto each and every auction page.

Real-Time Information Directly on Your Auction Page

  • When a competing bidder is about to run out of bids
  • If a competing bidder is using voucher bids or real “cash money” bids
  • The entire bid timeline (every bid placed from start to finish) of any auction
  • The average ending price of any item so you know exactly when to jump in without “bidding early”
  • The day of the week any item sells at the lowest dollar amount
  • The hour of the day any item sells at the lowest dollar amount
  • What the hidden auctions are that have been removed from public view are (and the links to them so YOU can bid on them!)

Don’t Get Locked Out of An Auction

  • When a QuiBids auction will “lock” before it ever does (no more wasting bids…just place a bid right before it locks)
  • Which bidders in a QuiBids auction will be locked out of it when it locks or which bidders have already been locked out
  • Whether you’re in danger of being locked out of a QuiBids auction or not and what you need to do to prevent it

Press Play to See Bid-Ninja in Action!

The demonstration shows Bid-Ninja “in action” on a QuiBids auction, however Bid-Ninja behaves the same way on MadBid, DealDash and Beezid.  The stats & analytics Bid-Ninja is able to display vary slightly from auction site to auction site as each site has slightly different features and ways to play.  How you actually use Bid-Ninja is exactly the same on each site however.

As you’ll see in the video, using Bid-Ninja is extremely easy…however the power you get using it makes you an absolute force to be reckoned with!  So go ahead and get started using Bid-Ninja and you too can start slicing through your auction competition.

This demonstration video of Bid-Ninja on a QuiBids auction shows the power of the Bid-Ninja Analytics & AutoBidder

Bid-Ninja Knows Everything About Every Bidder…Even You!

So…How Does Bid-Ninja Know This Information?

Imagine you sat yourself down at your desk with a pen, a notepad and a cup of coffee (which you’d need, as this would be exhausting).  You then fired up your laptop and opened up a QuiBids, MadBid, DealDash or Beezid auction before any bids had been placed.

Now imagine you sat there and wrote down every bid placed by every user as the auction played out.  Halfway through the auction, if you added up what you had written down, you’d know how many bids each user would have left to make before having purchased the item in “bid spend”.

By the time the auction was over, you could then add up everything in your notepad and you’d be able to see how much every bidder had spent.  Do this for a thousand auctions of the same type (say, for example, an iPad) and you’d know the average price an iPad ends at and what day of the week and what hour of the day would be the best to play.

Here is what it would look like to track a QuiBids auction using a laptop, pen and paper

Well That’s Exactly What Bid-Ninja Does…Sort Of

That is, in it’s most basic form, what Bid-Ninja does…except Bid-Ninja utilizes massive cloud servers to do it (not a pen, paper and gallons of coffee).  The Bid-Ninja servers monitor every single QuiBids, MadBid, Beezid & DealDash auction and every bid placed by every user on each of those sites (24/7/365).

That information is all collected and analyzed in real time (details on the stats shown below and on our features page).  The results are then displayed to our thousands of users directly on any auction opened up by any user on QuiBids, MadBid, DealDash or Beezid via the Bid-Ninja Browser Plugin (in either Chrome or Firefox). BidBuddy (Bid-Ninja’s friendly autobidder) is also inserted right on the auction page.

It’s important to emphasize, this is all done in real time.  So if you open up an auction and place a bid, milliseconds later, the Bid-Ninja servers will see & process that information (and will be displaying it to our thousands of users).

Using Bid-Ninja Means More Wins, More Often

If you’re not using Bid-Ninja, any auction you win on Quibids, MadBid, Beezid or DealDash will be won with luck. Using Bid-Ninja to see competitor & product statistics that nobody else can (like how many bids each user has left, the best day of the week to bid, if a competitor is using real bids or voucher bids, and so much more), you’ll actually gain a competitive advantage that allows you to stop winning because you got lucky and start winning because you were armed with information…which means more wins, more often and for less bids.

After you install the Bid-Ninja browser plugin into either Chrome or Firefox and you browse to any Quibids, MadBid, Beezid or DealDash auction, the Bid-Ninja Analytics and AutoBidder will be seamlessly inserted directly into the auction page showing you everything you need to see to win, right on the auction page itself and in real time! The best part? Bid-Ninja is 100% completely & totally undetectable. NOBODY will know how you’re getting the upper hand!